Company Background

MDC, LLC is a highly specialized professional services firm that provides information security, cyber security, and regulatory compliance consulting and strategy services to businesses all throughout North America, Europe, and other select regions. Our personnel consist of highly trained individuals with years of experience and knowledge in various business sectors, ranging from manufacturing, health care, along with information security, to name a select few. Additionally, our staff are the recipients of numerous technology and compliance certifications & designations, ranging from CPA’s to CISA, along with other noted credentials.

MDC, LLC personnel also consist of information technology engineers, accountants, I.T. auditors, and numerous other individuals with formidable experience in not only compliance laws and regulations, but also in many of today's most demanding industries. Technology - we've helped companies get compliant in an efficient and comprehensive manner. Finance - our team has worked with some of the biggest names on Wall Street. Manufacturing - no problem there. Cyber security - we can help implement real technology solutions. The list goes on, just like the list of our talented group of individuals at MDC, LLC.

MDC, LLC has also been incredibly instrumental in developing what’s arguably some of the very finest information security and operational specific policy and procedural documentation found anywhere today. Specifically, we have developed industry leading security and compliance documentation for the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Payments Industry
  • Cyber Security
  • Critical Infrastructure, Homeland Defense, Counterterrorism

Furthermore, our core competencies also include a deep and thorough understanding of all major information security and regulatory compliance benchmarks, standards, frameworks, and best practices, such as ISO 27001, 27002, FISMA, FERC, NERC, NIST, HIPAA, HITECH, FFIEC, GLBA, Business Continuity, PCI DSS, cyber security, cloud security, virtualization, and more. From small startup organizations to large, multi-national entities, we’ve helped businesses with demanding and complex compliance and security solutions, and we can assist your organization also.

Regulatory compliance is here to stay - no question about it - so isn't it time you worked with a firm who has a deep knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing, complex laws and regulations affecting businesses? Federally mandated legislation, coupled with growing industry specific directives are forcing companies to spend untold sums of money, while allocating tremendous operational resources. There has to be a better way - there is. Talk to the experts at MDC, LLC.

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